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I Run My Body (I.R.M.B.) provides Personal Training, Image Consulting & Management “For A Progressive Lifestyle and Community.”  I Run My Body believes  that “Action Changes Attitude” and empowers you to gain and maintain a positive healthy balance and control of your life. IRunMyBody.com provides an online resource and community of knowledge that is focused on positive Self-Development and Enrichment for men and women in all facets of their lives such as Health, and Fashion. It motivates you to take action that impact your life and attitude positively. In these modern times, we are in a state of flux where technology, skills, education, and society are constantly evolving, with various new demands. The IRMB movement addresses the needs of men and women by equipping you with the necessary coaching, motivation, information and inspiration to successfully take action to meet and exceed these requirements gracefully.
I Run My Body empowers men and women to take action through three movements:
1. Be Fit-Promotes living a healthy lifestyle
2. Be Fashionable-Promotes always looking one’s best
3. Be Fabulous-Promotes mind and thought development that results in progressive self development
I Run My Body aim to achieve the following:
1. Internal empowerment – being in good health and living a healthy lifestyle
2. External empowerment-looking as good as we feel though fashion
3. Attitudinal empowerment-by thinking positive because positive thoughts manifest positive outcomes
4. Intellectual & Mental empowerment- Continuous learning, development and training.
I.R.M.B. motivates men and women to gain more control over their lives by allowing them to display poise in exhibiting Independence, Discipline, Confidence, Self Expression and Knowledge.  We refer to women and men who are constantly seeking self development, improvement and taking action as I.R.M.B. Divas and Gentlemen.
An IRMB Diva is clever, skillful and always have her eyes set on her goal like her animal counterpart the eagle.

I Run My Body LLC. (IRMB) is a clothing line with a mission to empower women to live healthy…feel sexy and be comfortable in their own skin. Our goals is to help you get the body you’ve always desired through our motivational clothing line, products and fitness mentoring programs. We conceptualized a venue to spread awareness of looking good and feeling good, fashionable by sharing information and providing support via our online community.

I Run My Body believes “Action Changes Attitude,” therefore, we encourage you to gain and maintain a positive, healthy balance in your life by utilizing the abundance of information and support on www.IRunMyBody.com, which utilizes the three types of learning domains to educate you about your body and being healthy. The three types of learning are Cognitive Domain, which deals with your mental skills or knowledge; Affective Domain, which focuses on your feelings and attitude; and Motor Domain, which involves your physical skills. Each domain is supported by I Run My Body’s plethora of resources; the Cognitive Domain involves gaining knowledge about health and fitness through our weekly newsletter, which provides free nutrition and fitness tips.  The Affective Domain is directly linked to resources such as online coaches and peer to peer support in the fitness community, which will motivate you to exercise and reinforce a positive lifestyle and attitude. The Motor Domain, which affects your physical skills, allows you to benefit from access to the virtual exercise library and bootcamps. IRunMyBody.com makes exercising accessible and convenient to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle that will boost your confidence and sex appeal.

Each area of IRunMyBody.com was thoughtfully created with you in mind, keeping you not only fit, but fashionable, and all around fabulous! Our commitment to your growth is evident in the Be Fit section, which gives you information to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and the LIVE Community, which provides additional peer support and an opportunity for you to interact with like-minded fitness enthusiasts. There is also lots of other useful information to encourage your growth and success, whether you are trying to be healthier, lose weight, maintain it, or just be sexy!

For press/interviews/questions email info [at] IRunMyBody [dot] com