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Our Belief. Our Mantra. Our Mission.

I Run My Body (IRMB) is a Fitness Movement empowering women from the inside out to live healthy…feel sexy and be comfortable in their own skin. Our goal is to help you get the body you’ve always desired through positive reinforcements of our motivational clothing line, products and fitness coaching programs. We conceptualized a venue to spread awareness of looking good and feeling good fashionably.

I Run My Body believes that “Action Changes Attitude” and empowers you to gain and maintain a positive healthy balance and control of your life

IRunMyBody.com provides tools, an online resource, and community of knowledge that is focused on positive self-development and enrichment particularly in fitness, health, and fashion. It motivates you to take action that impacts your life and attitude positively by encouraging you to “Be Fit, Be Fashionable, Be Fabulous, Be You!”

IRMB Aim to Achieve

Internal Empowerment

being in good health and living a healthy lifestyle

External Empowerment

looking as good as you feel inside, outside through fashion

Attitudinal Empowerment

promote positive thinking to manifest positive outcomes

Intellectual & Mental Empowerment

continuous learning, development and training

Each area of IRunMyBody.com was thoughtfully created with you in mind, keeping you not only fit, but fashionable, and all around fabulous! Our commitment to your growth is evident in the iEat and iBurn sections, which gives you information to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle There is also lots of other useful information to encourage your growth and success, whether you are trying to be healthier, lose weight, maintain it, or just be sexy!

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Zumba yesterday with I Run My Body ( I.R.M.B.) was awesome! Definitely can see myself getting back where I need to be with her and my support systems help. So excited about this new journey!!!

Serena Wilson

I often describe the founder of IRunMyBody.com as a young Oprah Winfrey. Oprah’s site speaks to various demographics, and IRunMyBody.com is a replica in my opinion. It’s hip, trendy, and modern, with concerns and issues that matter to us all.  The site covers so many areas of our everyday life—fitness, health, fashion, community and lifestyle topics.  I am very proud to have been asked to be apart of this site, and I hope for all future readers, fans and supporters they find a personal connection through this site whether it is through the blogging, news or fitness challenges.


Writing for IRunMyBody.com has given me an opportunity to showcase my expertise as a trainer and master chef and reach a wider audience, so much so that I was discovered by The Food Network because of one of my blogs on IRunMyBody.com. The site is a resource for everyone—from fitness trainers to people who need help losing and maintaining a healthy weight.

Michael Scipione

I always wanted to train in a place like this, it’s great, nutritionists are helping me and making me very great diets, I am getting lots of attention and great workout tips.

Lisa Forman