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Be an Ambassador

Why become an I Run My Body™ Ambassador? 

Ambassadors are key players

Ambassadors are key players at I Run My Body.  The IRMB Ambassador Program is designed for health and fitness enthusiasts who want to share their passion with the world. They are passionate about inspiring other women on their journey to health; active, motivated and involved with multiple social media channels You play an important part in leading women to live healthier and happier lives by empowering them from the  inside out to live healthy and feel sexy. 

Ambassador Will?

Be the Voice

Be the voice and representative of IRMB online and in your city.  Identify and create partnership opportunities on campus (greek life, student orgs, etc.) and around your city.

Post to IG

Post exercises, exercise tips, motivational images, recipes, featuring IRMB Products and include hash tags #IRUNMYBOY and #IRMB365 in your posts to show that you are a part of team.

Follow & Connect

Go through #IRunMyBody #IRMB365 harsh tags and show love to participants in our amazing community. Follow other ambassadors.

Provide Feedback

Provide feedback to our marketing team and help develop the Ambassador playbook!

Be an Ambassador

What are the requirements?

Be an Ambassador